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Happy Holidays
·97 words·1 min
Fellow Sysadmins; we’ve fast approached the end of the year (and decade) at a pace that caught even myself off guard.
Container Camp in review - Part 3
·545 words·3 mins
system-administration tech consol containers docker faas istio k8s kubernetes linkerd service-mesh sysadmin technology
Right, we now know that we lack observability in our intricate fabric of container spaghetti and the boss wants answers on our unknown unknowns.
Container Camp in review - Part 2
·472 words·3 mins
system-administration tech containers devops docker faas k8s kubernetes service-mesh sre sysadmin technology
Previously we touched upon the best practice of implementing user namespaces in your container ecosystem and how they are a pivotal element in the layers of security you can employ to protect your infrastructure/platforms.
Container Camp in review - Part 1
·564 words·3 mins
system-administration tech containers docker k8s kubernetes linux sysadmin technology
For those of you who follow me on other social media platforms, it will be of no surprise that I had the fortunate opportunity to attend Container Camp Australia this year.
Deploying Wordpress with Azure AKS and Helm
·877 words·5 mins
system-administration tech aks azure azure-cli helm kubernetes mariadb sysadmin technology wordpress
With the vast majority of cloud providers reaching a certain age, the maturity of their individual service offerings is almost a given.
Removing rules in IPTables
·272 words·2 mins
system-administration tech iptables linux networking sysadmin technology
So you’ve had a go at entering the wonderful world of iptables, with its chains, rules and of course tables.
Passing the Microsoft Azure AZ-900 Exam
·562 words·3 mins
system-administration tech azure certification cloud learning sysadmin technology
I’ve previously written and laid out what I want to accomplish in my certification journey for 2019 however, as we all know; best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.
Using IPTables to force all DNS queries to a Pi-Hole
·756 words·4 mins
system-administration tech iptables linux networking pihole sysadmin technology
Hopefully by now you have heard the good word about Pi-Hole, set one up in a Docker container and now enjoying a substantially ad-less and speedy internet experience across all your devices.
Changing Hostnames in Linux
·328 words·2 mins
system-administration tech debian linux raspberry-pi raspbian sysadmin technology
Recently I decided to give my two Raspberry Pi devices an overhaul + change in functionality.
Docker Daemon failing to start on Raspberry Pi 1 & Zeros
·535 words·3 mins
system-administration tech containers core-dump debian docker linux raspberry-pi raspbian segmentation-fault sysadmin technology
Have you recently attempted to install the containerization platform known as Docker on to a first generation Raspberry Pi (including A+ and B+) or a Zero and found you couldn’t start up a container?