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Installing MiniKube with Powershell
·584 words·3 mins
system-administration tech containers hyper-v k8s kubernetes powershell sysadmin technology windows
I noted on Twitter the other day that I had mixed feelings on getting a breakthrough on a problem that I had faced a couple of months ago by revisiting said problem with a fresh pair of eyes and a different point of view.


Let's explore the Linux Filesystem: /Proc - Part 1
·553 words·3 mins
system-administration tech debian linux raspberry-pi raspbian sysadmin technology
Despite the Linux operating system being available in various and unique flavours and spins, many of the foundations that make up the operation system have similarities between them all.
Cleaning up in Docker - Part 2
·199 words·1 min
system-administration tech containers docker linux sysadmin technology
Previously we have covered what to do if you made a real mess of things in Docker and just want to purge all your containers, volumes and images from your host system.
Cleaning up corrupt Registry.pol files with Powershell
·233 words·2 mins
system-administration tech group-policy powershell registry sysadmin technology windows-10 windows-7
One ongoing issue that can occur across an predominately Windows/Group Policy heavy enterprise environment is the corruption of the Registry.
Searching your Bash history in Linux
·362 words·2 mins
system-administration tech bash debian grep history linux sysadmin technology
Ever spent endless hours, days and nights, deep inside your Bash shell in your Linux distribution of choice and ever wonder “I know I have ran a command to solve this solution but cannot for the life of me remember it”?
Let's get certified!
·393 words·2 mins
system-administration tech certification cloud containers docker gcp google-cloud k8s kubernetes learning lfcs linux sysadmin technology
It’s been a long time between drinks for certifications that I have achieved personally.
Installing Fonts with PowerShell
·281 words·2 mins
system-administration tech application-packaging fonts powershell sccm sysadmin technology windows windows-10 windows-7
Not normally the application packaging type but some time ago it fell to me to package up some open source fonts and deploy them via System Centre Configuration Manager across the enterprise.
Search DHCP for a MAC Address with Powershell
·198 words·1 min
system-administration tech dhcp powershell sysadmin technology
Many many moons ago, we had a way to trawl through DHCP scopes utilising the netsh tool to find devices on our networks that match a certain MAC address.
Using Powershell and WMI to get the MAC address of Remote workstation
·306 words·2 mins
system-administration tech gwmi powershell sysadmin technology wmi
It has cropped up from time to time that we need to retrieve information, in this example, the MAC address from remotely located workstations.
Finding a string across an entire filesystem in Linux
·435 words·3 mins
system-administration tech grep linux raspberry-pi raspbian technology
After coming back from a extra long holiday and noting that I hadn’t received any monitor tweets in a while from my Raspberry Pi, I thought it was a good time to login and make sure everything was running as before.