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"svchost.exe is using a lot of my CPU. Is this a virus?"
·321 words·2 mins
system-administration tech svchost-exe sysadmin technology windows
A common occurrence I find is that svchost.
Bring back SKU choice in Windows 7 installer
·168 words·1 min
system-administration tech sysadmin technology windows-7
One of the best things Microsoft did when Vista came about is to make all their different SKUs available on the one disc/ISO.
Windows 7 Libraries & Personal Network Drives/Shares Part 1
·615 words·3 mins
system-administration tech libraries sysadmin technology windows-7 xml
Windows 7 is arguably one of the best operating systems Microsoft have put out in their history in the game.
Beware the Sysadmin
·25 words·1 min
system-administration tech humor sysadmin technology webcomic xkcd
I don’t usually get excited by xkcd web comics but I thought this one was particularly appropriate (thanks Anthony Burke)
Deploying Printers to the fleet via Group Policy Preferences
·630 words·3 mins
system-administration tech group-policy printers sysadmin technology
Ahhhhh printers, I am convinced life would be better without them (I don’t even have one at home).
Export email addresses via Exchange Powershell
·298 words·2 mins
system-administration tech exchange exchange-2007 exchange-2010 powershell sysadmin technology
The other week I had a request for a list of all email addresses of staff for use with a legacy VOIP system.
Removing a printer while the print spooler is not running
·320 words·2 mins
system-administration tech printers sysadmin technology
Many sysadmins have probably encountered a situation where due to a nasty print driver (& associated printer) the Print Spooler service stops and upon starting it up again manually decides to stop again.
Girls' Generation debut on American TV
·431 words·3 mins
k-pop girls-generation k-pop korea korean-pop snsd
For many fans of Girls’ Generation (often referred by SNSD or SoShi, both come from their Korean name) today has been a long time coming.
Bulk creation of Active Directory User accounts via Powershell v2
·378 words·2 mins
system-administration tech active-directory powershell sysadmin technology
Most system administrators that I know has the burden (or the joy if you like a challenge) of creating and managing large quantities of users in Active Directory.