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We're Back
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It’s true.


LDAP properties not updated with NSCD
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A colleague of mine shared with me a issue they were having with LDAP properties such as group memberships not being updated in a timely manner on some RHEL7 hosts that were running NSCD.
Restore AD Attributes
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Back in the year that is one long COVID induced fog, I wrote about how one can mount a old copy of an Active Directory Domain Services database from something such as a file level backup of a DC.


Unable to delete items in a Exchange Mailbox
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Have you ever got yourself into a situation in Outlook or OWA whereby you are cleaning out a mailbox and find you can no longer delete anymore items from the mailbox?
Bypass Offline Files With This One Trick
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Ever since moving to modern operating systems such as Windows 8 and beyond, I have found the Offline Files feature in the enterprise to be less and less of a value bringer and more of a support burden for the front line.
Mounting An Active Directory Database Backup
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We’ve all been there right; accidentally modified a Active Directory object that you weren’t meant to.
Restore Out of Office Backup with Powershell
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In my previous post, I discussed the need to set a special external facing Out of Office message for all shared mailboxes in the organisation.
Unable to log into vCenter Appliance via Web
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system-administration tech linux photonos sysadmin systemd technology vcenter vmware
With everyone scrambling to patch the latest vulnerability to hit the VMware vCenter product, I came across some strange behaviour from our very own vCenter appliance running 6.
Bulk Backup and Set Out of Office Messages
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We live in very interesting times at the moment.
Mitigating CVE-2020-0674 With Powershell and SCCM
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Happy New Year fellow SysAdmins and what a welcome it has been for us all.