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We're Back

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James Pettigrove
James Pettigrove
Cloud Engineer with a focus on Microsoft Azure

It’s true. It has been a long time between (posts) drinks. 840 days to be precise.

That included a couple of lockdowns, leaving the world of BAU, moving home, having our first child and more but I can safely say…

As you can quickly tell, things look a little different. We’ve joined this century by moving away from the self-hosted Wordpress platform and into the world of static site generators with Hugo.

I’ll be detailing the what, why and hows of this move in a very near future series but for now, to existing readers, welcome back. To those new to the site…


Deploying Wordpress with Azure AKS and Helm
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With the vast majority of cloud providers reaching a certain age, the maturity of their individual service offerings is almost a given.
LDAP properties not updated with NSCD
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system-administration tech ldap linux nscd sssd sysadmin technology
A colleague of mine shared with me a issue they were having with LDAP properties such as group memberships not being updated in a timely manner on some RHEL7 hosts that were running NSCD.
Restore AD Attributes
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system-administration tech active-directory adds powershell sysadmin technology
Back in the year that is one long COVID induced fog, I wrote about how one can mount a old copy of an Active Directory Domain Services database from something such as a file level backup of a DC.