Windows 10: Prevent Wi-Fi settings being shared with contacts

Windows 10 introduced a feature named Wi-Fi Sense. This feature will share your saved Wi-Fi configuration, including WEP and WPA passwords with your contacts across various platforms.

This feature hasn’t been received well, and namely so. Not everyone wants to share their home Wi-Fi with every John, Dick & Harry they have on Facebook.

If you didn’t turn this off at the time of installation or upgrade (bet you didn’t click on Advanced Options huh…), let’s do this now:

  1. Click Start button, search for change wi-fi and click on Change Wi-Fi settings
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click Manage Wi-Fi settings
  3. Change the slider on Connect to networks shared by my contacts from On to Off as pictured below:


While you are there, I would strongly suggest doing the latter step for Connect to suggested open hotspots too. No one should be automatically connecting to insecure wi-fi networks.

Microsoft had their heart in the right place but in today’s increasing volatile cyber world, this isn’t their smartest play.

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