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Windows 9 is dead, long live Windows 10

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James Pettigrove
James Pettigrove
Cloud Engineer with a focus on Microsoft Azure

Yes that’s right folks, before Windows 9 could change your mind about the modern Windows it has been taken out the back and shot; Introducing Windows 10.


At one stage under the guise of Windows Threshold, Windows 10 promises to be the one Windows across all devices; what Windows 8 was meant to be. From Internet of Things devices (hello Galileo), smart phones and tablets right up to notebooks, desktops, Xbox’s and servers.

On that note, nothing has been said whether we will see Windows Server 10 (2015?) or the server side will truly fall under the one banner along with the other consumer versions.

Microsoft have talked the talked and named the enterprise customers as their key target for Windows 10, which is probably why the whole current and future System Center suites will be able to support devices with Windows 10.

‘Continuum’ promises to make Windows 10 flexible when using multiple different inputs such as the traditional keyboard & mouse and touch and ease the transition between the two.

But what else can be expected from Windows 10? So far Microsoft have demonstrated the following:

Modern/Metro haters can rejoice, the Start menu is officially slated for a return (a feature no doubt, aiming to please enterprise)

Enhancements to the Windows Snap feature mean that not just two apps can be snapped to the sides of the desktop

A cue from Mac OSX and many flavours of Linux comes native multiple desktops

Pictures are never enough, so preview the above in motion as demonstrated by Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore

If that wasn’t enough, you can watch the media brief, in its entirety below

Excited? Keen? Then keep your eye on for the opportunity to access the preview of Windows 10.


Windows 10 Technical Preview available now
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After all the huff and puff from yesterdays media event, Microsoft have kept their word and made the Windows 10 Technical Preview available to anyone willing.
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You may find yourself one day having to ping a set of machines on a regular basis.
Piping Command Line output to clipboard
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Piping output of applications is nothing new to those in the profession of IT (especially the *nix administrators out there) but there was a feature added to Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 that doesn’t seem to be widespread.