Move Quorum Disk Witness to another node

I cannot say the Failover Cluster Manager is a very intuitive management interface. It is probably close to one of the worst ones I have had the pleasure to use. Not all of the tasks we want to perform on a cluster are immediately visible or accessible.

One of the tasks you made need to perform is a move of all the cluster elements, Applications, CSV master and QUORUM Disk Witness master to another node in your cluster you can perform necessary maintenance on the node. The task of moving the applications and CSV master is simple enough in the management interface, but for what ever reason there is no way to move the QUOROM Disk Witness. Clusters (especially pre 2012 ones) are quite fickle and needy, last thing you want to do is upset them.

Rather than rely on the cluster to move the QUORUM Disk Witness master for us when you power down the node we can in fact move it ourselves.

  1. On the node that currently has the QUORUM Disk Witness assigned to it open up an administrative command prompt
  2. Input the following command:
Cluster group “Cluster Group” /move:destinationnode

Just replace destinationnode with the name of the node you would like to move the QUORUM Disk Witness to.

Short and sweet! Now you have that little bit of more control over your Cluster!

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  1. Sven Sivertsen


    To move all core cluster resources, right-click the cluster name, choose More Actions -> Move core cluster resources -> select node

    This will also move the Quorum disk

    • 16/04/2015

      Great pickup there Sven, thanks. Does this apply for 2008 R2 or is it only 2012+?

  2. Laura

    When you execute this command does it cause any interruption to the services if they are already on the other node one is trying to move this to?

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