Disable Network Adapter’s Dynamic DNS Registration via Registry

There are numerous reasons why DNS is amazing, it makes it a hell of a lot easier to navigate IP devices, it’s one tool to make your data centre flexible and elastic and is friendly to the eye (for those whom English is fluent). But in some instances we want to prevent DNS usage. Recently when setting up some end points in a iSCSI network I didn’t want the iSCSI adapter to register in DNS (with the idea to minimize any usage of the adapter except for iSCSI traffic).

Most will know there is a way to disable registration dynamic DNS registration through the GUI; open the properties of the network adapter of choice, followed by the IPv4 protocol properties, then advanced and lastly the DNS tab. It is here you will find the check box for Register this connection’s addresses in DNS.


Simply un-tick and the adapter should stop registering in DNS. Should being the key word. Time after time I have found this check box does diddly squat.

yep, I said diddly

In our time of need we turn to the one stop shop of the Windows Operating System, the Registry.

Open up the registry and go to the following key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\guidofadapter. Once you have found the right adapter create a new REG_DWORD with the name of DisableDynamicUpdate and set the Value to 1.

No buggy GUI will keep us down fellow SysAdmin’s.

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  1. Clinton Davis

    Awesome, thank you my friend. Stupid check box.

    • 15/10/2013

      No worries Clinton. There’s always one no matter the OS 😉

  2. Subflow22

    Network team configured our NICs for Exchange DAG improperly and we had to switch the TCP/IP configs on these two interfaces to put them on the right switches. Afterwards, the MAPI NIC was stuck with the setting to NOT update DNS. The result was the DNS recs were being purged at every update interval. The check box above did nothing. I had to manually adjust the reg key above to resolve the issue.

    This article really helped. Thanks for it.

  3. 06/01/2018

    Dude! I’m writing to you from 4.5 years in the future. Thanks for this. In my case, I am making clones of Windows 7 machines in VMWare from a master template. The UI checkbox is unchecked, but the clone children born from this master would come into the world with the box re-checked (probably due to post clone sysprep syndrome). This DWORD saved me!

    • 24/01/2018

      Hell yeah! Always love to hear when my posts help fix issues, especially annoying little ones such as your example. Thanks for chiming in Jasonazze!

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